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Committee members, patrons, helpers and trustees 

Paul Jones
Paul Jones

President: Paul Jones

Vice President: Ben Hewlett

Vice President for USA and Canada: Vacancy

Patrons: Brendan Power, Lee Sankey, Adam Glasser



Chairman: Pete Hewitt (use contact form)

Joint Vice Chairman: Richard Taylor (use contact form)

Joint Vice Chairman & Publicity: Sam Wilkinson (

Secretary: Davina Brazier (use contact form)

Magazine editor: Pete Hewitt (temporary)

Membership Secretary: David Hambley (07757 215047)

Treasurer: Phil Leiwy (07979 648007)

IT support: Barbara Tate (use contact form)

Tremolo: Simon Joy (use contact form)



Rollen Flood researches and advises on the beneficial impacts of harmonica playing on our health.

Dick Powell is looking after education and teaching. Contact him if you need a teacher (

Neil Warren maintains the list of upcoming harmonica-related gigs.



Phil Leiwy, David Taylor, David Hambley, Barbara Tate, Davina Brazier, Sam Wilkinson, Richard Taylor, Simon Joy & Peter Hewitt 

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