HarmonicaUK Virtual Chromatic Weekend

Between July 24th and 26th 2020, HarmonicaUK organised and hosted a Virtual Chromatic Weekend, as the usual face-to-face event was cancelled. The event brought together some of the world's finest players of chromatic harmonica into the HarmonicaUK Zoom Room, and each delivered an excellent masterclass.

The sessions were recorded and all the artists have kindly agreed for these to be shared. Enjoy!

Grégoire Maret - Modern chromatic harmonica


Grégoire showed how he approaches his chromatic playing on contemporary compositions and how best to complement a vocalist.

Adam Glasser - Chromatic harmonica: burning questions answered


Adam presented a masterclass providing practical answers to the participants' most vital questions about playing the Chromatic Harmonica. In a fast-paced class, Adam ran through as many questions as possible illustrating his solutions with video and audio clips, pdfs and mp3s.

Joe Powers - Dancing with the harmonica


Joe showed how to make playing more expressive in any style of music and essential Tango techniques (playing in octaves, button embellishments, rubato phrasing, and more).

Brendan Power - Folk styles on the chromatic harmonica


BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards winner (Best Duo) Brendan Power showed how to master folk styles on the chromatic harmonica. He is an expert player of Irish traditional music (winning the 1993 All Ireland Title) and performed for three years as soloist in the Riverdance Show. He has also developed an authentic approach to playing Chinese and Bulgarian music on the chromatic. He showed how he utilises his half-valved and custom chromatics to help him achieve these sounds.

Rob Paparozzi - Pop styles on the chromatic harmonica


Rob's workshop concentrated on diatonic players who are interested in transitioning to chromatic, and players who only play chromatic that may want to incorporate some diatonic playing techniques. Practice techniques and tips were discussed for aspiring players in a ‘studio’ situation as well as chromatic techniques & tips used by great pop and cross-genre artists like Toots Thielemans, Stevie Wonder and Norton Buffalo.

Filip Jers - Playing classical music on the chromatic harmonica [Video no longer available]


Filip demonstrated some technical aspects of playing classical music on the chromatic harmonica, including different embouchures (pucker, tongue block, corner switch) and ways to work with legato and staccato. These are important tools to have when working with phrasing and being able to create beautiful musical lines in classical music.