HarmonicaUK Virtual October Festival 2021, 15th - 19th October


While the Festival is free, we do ask for donations for the artists who are taking the time to entertain and inform us. Click on the button to the left to make a donation today. All donations are appreciated.

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Here's the Zoom link for the entire AGM and festival weekend:


The Festival Meeting ID is 942 3074 7187 and the Passcode is 185909 if you'd like to start it manually.


Festival '21 Schedule of Events - All timings and artists are subject to change


Friday 15th October

19:00         Paul Jones Intro and AGM

19:30         Harmonica UK Relaunch

20:30         AGM and Relaunch Q and A

20:50         Intermission Video

21:00         Adam Gussow - Workshop - Comping


Saturday 16th October

12:00         Harmonica Player of the Year Competition  - Now closed for entries

14:15         Silverfish Microphones - Trade Stall

14:45         Intermission Video

15:00         Robert Legault - Workshop - Quebec Traditional Repertoire and Technique

16:15         Intermission Video

16:30         Philip Henry - Workshop - Country Blues Beatbox and Beyond

17:45         Intermission Video

18:00         Roni Eytan - Workshop - How I Developed My Personal Language

19:15         Intermission Video

19:30         Howard Levy - Workshop - My Harmonica Journey


Sunday 17th October

13:30         Battle Plan Harmonica Accessories - Trade Stall

14:00         Intermission Video

14:15         Will Wilde - Workshop - Live Set and Harmonica Q&A

15:30         Raffle Draw

16:15         Santiago Alvarez - Workshop - Argentinian Tango

17:30         Intermission Video

17:45         Antonio Serrano - Workshop - Early Toots

19:00         Concluding Remarks

19:45         Jam with Neil Warren


You'll be blown away with HarmonicaUK


Meet the artists

ADAM GUSSOW has been a member of the raw and unforgettable Harlem blues duo Satan & Adam for more than three decades, recently featured in a Netflix documentary by the same name. Overblow powerhouse Adam Gussow is known to blues harmonica players around the world thanks to his two-channel ministry on YouTube and his pioneering website, Modern Blues Harmonica. Thanks to Brian Kramer for the great drawing.

ANTONIO SERRANO was born in Madrid in 1974. His father started to teach him to play the harmonica when he was seven. Six years later he shared the stage with Larry Adler at a concert in Paris. Antonio developed a unique playing technique that allows him to switch between musical styles. He is renowned, especially in his native Spain for playing in many diverse musical styles from classical to pop.

HOWARD LEVY was born in Brooklyn in 1951 and began recording in the late 1970s. In his workshop he will play music from the many groups and projects with which he has been involved, including  Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, with whom he became a two-time Grammy winner. Howard is renown for his mastery of chromatic playing style on a diatonic, and overblowing and overdrawing techniques. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and has recorded and toured with numerous famous artists.

PHILIP HENRY is one of the most versatile harmonica players around, he plays both guitar and harmonica. He combines styles such as blues, country and folk music with beatboxing. He spent some time in India and on his return, he joined The Roots Union. After three years touring the band finished. He then joined with fellow band member Hannah Martin to form award-winning folk band Edgelarks, who have released several albums.

ROBERT LEGAULT returned to the stage five years ago after a long absence.  At the same time, he released his new album Le mouton noir (The black sheep). He has been performing with his band les Mercenaires du terroir.... not as bad as it sounds it means the mercenaries of the land. He plays a mixture of covers of local music of Quebec and some of his own compositions.

RONI EYTAN has developed a unique way of playing the harmonica, drawing on influences from a wide range of music. He was the first harmonica player to be chosen for the prestigious Herbie Hancock Institute program. Ronis music is based in jazz and traditional music studied in his hometown of Jerusalem.

He has been playing around the world with his band, and is working on his debut album.

SANTIAGO ALVAREZ is from Argentina, and has dedicated himself to folk and tango music. Originally from Buenos Aires, he studied chromatic harmonica with Franco Luciani. Since 2010 playing in the Tanino Duo, he brought a new voice to the tango music of his native land. Alvarez is heading up a young generation of Argentinian chromatic harmonica players who have devoted themselves to traditional tango music and follow in the footsteps of Hugo Diáz. Alvarez combines tango with the folklore and spiritual elements of Latin-American music.

WILL WILDE picked up his first harmonica at the age of sixteen, and became obsessed with playing harp. He doesn’t stick to playing music you would expect, he brings rock music to the harping world. He plays the lines that you would expect a guitar to play – and has signature tunings to allow him to hit otherwise impossible notes. He started playing Chicago blues but gravitated to the rock harp sound that has made him famous.