(Please note that this guidance is reviewed regularly, depending on updates to Zoom software. However, not all users will be on the same version of Zoom at the same time. We will endeavour to keep it updated to the latest version).


Must-do action

Make sure you have turned ON the Original Sound button at the top left of the screen. Click the button until is says “Turn Off Original Sound.” (This does sound counter-intuitive, but is the correct setting!). 


If you can’t see this button in the top left corner of your screen, then please carry out the ‘recommended actions’ below, in particular Point 6.


Additional recommended actions

1.  Check if you have the latest version of Zoom. In the window prior to entering the meeting (see image), click your account icon in the upper right corner and Select “Check for Updates”.

2. Click on the Settings icon below your account icon and Select 'Audio'. That will open the settings panel.  Select ‘Audio’ – the third option down in the list on the left hand side.

4. Under the “Microphone” heading, uncheck “automatically adjust microphone volume”.

5. Under “Suppress Background Noise” set it to LOW.

6. Under the “Music and Professional Audio” heading, check “Show In-Meeting Option to Turn On Original Sound”.

7. If you are using headphones (recommended if you can, but not mandatory) make sure “Disable echo cancellation” is checked. If you are NOT using headphones, DON’T check it.

8. If you have fairly fast internet, check “High fidelity music mode”. If you don’t have have fast internet, leave it unchecked.


Most of these settings can be changed during a meeting by clicking on the down arrow next to the mute button